Haters Gonna Hate

Ah, another fun week of primaries, caucuses, town halls, and debates. The democratic debate was informative, respectful, and fairly uneventful, which is how I like my debates. I want to know where candidates stand on issues, what their ideas are, and of course what’s in it for me to vote for them. Things I absolutely give zero shits about: what they think of their opponents, whether or not they believe in God, and their dick size (actual or preferred).

Speaking of dicks…

The Republican candidates decided to elevate their party by switching from being the party people joke about being dicks to the party that actually stoops to telling dick jokes on the campaign trail. Well played, if you are hoping to attract the votes of 10 year old boys.

And speaking of attracting 10 year old boys…

My oldest is child is still in the repeat whatever sounds clever phase (the younger ones are still developing speech skills and therefore speak as eloquently and intelligently as The Donald). From now through November a decent portion of my television viewing is based on presidential race coverage. Now, I have to change the channel or send my child out of the room because these clowns are hitting new lows. It is amusing the inappropriate remarks are brought into my home courtesy of the party that force feeds people right wing conservative, traditional, Christian, family values. I have enough to deal with explaining Viagra, ASPCA, and tampon commercials I don’t need to also explain why these men keep yelling about hand size and saying things like, “pussy”.

Like a pussy cat?

I realized this evening listening to another, “Why I’m so Fucking Wonderful” Fuehrer Trump the Drumpf  press conference, that for me, as a parent, this man is even more of a nightmare than I thought.


Photo:Charles Krupa/AP

Honestly, up until now I have been concerned with Trump from an adult’s perspective. What will happen to my children’s future under his rule, why are people so attracted to a Trump Overlord presidency, is Idiocracy coming to life before our eyes? Tonight he was bullying reporters and calling people “babies” and I thought about how much I have talked up the President to my kid. What the fuck am I supposed if “President Trump” is an actual thing?! He lies with abandon, bullies people, and is hateful. His views on political correctness, promises to be presidential once elected, and inability to show an ounce of tolerance are the exact opposite of everything we teach our children. Except for the KKK kids, pretty sure they’re getting a different, much more Trump friendly, message at home.


Thankfully, after fully freaking myself out and starring at the screen in absolute disbelief that people are this stupid, Hillary’s speech had been recorded on tape delay. Love her or hate her, I can at least trust she will not attempt to build special housing developments or gated communities with locks on the wrong side, for people she deems as threats or undesirable. At least I can trust she won’t teach my children to hate or belittle others who don’t look, love, believe, think like they do. At least I can hope for a brighter future.

Maybe I should just stick to watching cartoons.


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