It’s Tuesday and It’s Super…thanks for asking!

This post was originally appeared on Facebook (3/15/16) with minor edits made here for privacy. Enjoy!

My Super Tuesday Kinda Ranty Post! I had to wait four years for this woo-hoo! Let me know if you need help finding the unfriend button 🙂

In about four years, my adorable littles will be off the preschool. More than likely, they will be enrolled in a federally funded Head Start program because it will be the most affordable option. My oldest will be wrapping up his elementary public school career, which began with STEM enrichment programs and a successful Common Core curriculum. My children are being raised to be decent, tolerant humans and are encouraged to explore sciences and whatever faiths they choose. My children are taught manners, how to show kindness to everyone, and how we look does not define who we are.

In Pre-K, my oldest son was the only white kid in the class and he had no idea. The school he attends now is full of white kids and he has no idea. He does not understand why two men or two women cannot be in love, get married, and have children. He can explain to you what transgender means and why people need to have the right to be their authentic selves. He doesn’t think it is fair the same rules don’t apply to everyone and he thinks girls rock, even if some of them might have cooties. Diversity is a verb in our home.

I vote to protect and enrich my children’s future. Healthcare, education, civil rights…I never imagined an America in their lifetime like the one we are currently facing. I refuse to sit silently and watch hate take control. You want to fix the economy great, but tell me what that has to do with hating Muslims, being an overt racist, and threatening anyone who disagrees with you? Explain to me how building a wall helps international relations, or how I should explain to my sons why they are not allowed to repeat the words the president says? Tell me where the family values of the GOP are when violence, bullying, name calling, and other such nonsense is so common my child knows to leave the room, or asks to change the channel because he is tired of the yelling and fighting. This joke of a candidate isn’t funny anymore.

And as far as wanting an outsider to get things done…what job in the history of ever looks for applicants with no prior experience whatsoever even remotely close to the very serious job that needs done?! There should be commas in there, but that is the no-comma-rant-portion of this post.

I am so anti-Trump, my Twitter timeline looks like I’m moonlighting for the Kasich campaign. It hurts my Planned Parenthood loving liberal heart. And if I offend you here, don’t even bother with the Twitter sweetheart.

Remember kids: Don’t vote angry and those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.



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