Month: May 2016


It’s been awhile, a combination of not wanting to waste time on the pile of shit that is Trump and caring for teething triplets leaves little motivation to write.

Today is different though. Yesterday, Sen. Ted “Jesus First” Cruz dropped out of the Republican presidential nomination race. Eh, good riddance the lesser of two evils bows out. Maybe Gov. Kasich was right in saying that he (Kasich) would be the nominee. Or not. 

I sent a text, “Did you hear about the death of GOP?!” The replies were Cruz and Fiorina jokes. Haha, but seriously Kasich just dropped out…What?! Exactly. How is it the party that recently (quite desperately) touted it’s pride in being the party of Lincoln managed to oust EVERY reasonable presidential candidate and be left with a fear mongering hate machine? The answer isn’t actually difficult to find if you watched fifteen minutes of Fox News once in the past, I don’t know  eight years. But don’t blame Fox News as they merely serve as the mouthpiece for the right. Someone has to stand up against imagined wars on Christmas, the persecution of Christians with weapons like scientific fact and tolerance of other beliefs. Who else can make sure political correctness, embracing the less fortunate, and celebrating diversity are turned into evil leftist conspiracies aimed at destroying the precious values of the religious right. 

We shouldn’t be surprised Trump rose to the top and not only maintained, but crushed his opponents. He is the physical manifestation of all the right has shoved down the throats of American society. All the hateful lies brought to life full of the poisonous “truths” white America holds dear.

But we are surprised. Many of us are shocked this much hatred lives in America. This much absolute stupidity and acceptance of wildly anti-American ideals is far-reaching across the country. Shocked at the abhorrent acceptance of removing, killing, barring, displacing families, because of ignorance. All of it, the entire Trump experience can be summed up by quoting my child, “It’s gross.”

Surely this solidifies a democratic victory in November. Surely the novelty will wear off and people will see the con, the lies, the madness staring back at them?! Surely you have learned your lesson in all these months. The Trump train is gaining steam and possibly headed to repeat some of histories darkest days;!by detaining our own in the name of protecting the American way of life.

And that my dears is fucking disgusting.