Normalize This?!

I’m beginning to emerge from my shock induced cocoon and replace my funk with fight. The fight I would have gladly taken up if any Republican candidate had won the election. I haven’t been wallowing in self-pity because I am a sore loser. I fully respect the natural order of presidential politics: they get four to eight years, we get four to eight years. Both sides complaining about all the mess left by the previous administration. Promising to protect our respective parties dearest values.

Jeb, Kasich, Rubio, all would have received an obligatory liberal “we’ll be back in four years,” eye roll and I would have bought my Republican friends a round of drinks.

Cruz and Walker would have felt like a punch in the uterus and I would know LBGTQ rights would be an absolute priority.

The rest of bench, prior to the outcome of this election, were not to be taken seriously anyway.

There are two Republican candidates I can say I would have enjoyed because they are their own special kind of crazy: Lindsey Graham and Rand Paul. Can you imagine how much fun those two administrations would be?! Fun in an OMG-No-No-No-At-Least-It’s-Not-G.W. Bush kind of way. Senator Graham is a Southern Bachelor who is not afraid to tell big orange bullies to stick it where the sun don’t shine. And Senator Paul is bat-shit crazy. CRAZY.

No, I am not a butthurt sore loser because the Republicans won the election. I am not a big liberal cry baby refusing to accept a candidate that failed to win the popular vote. I am not a Bernie supporter with misplaced anger issues. I am a human being who refuses to normalize hate for fake cries to unify the country. Hate is a strong word, an even stronger emotion. Hate has plagued America for decades and is not to be taken lightly. What this election needs to become is a wake-up call for anyone who ignorantly thought racism was dead. The difference between this Monday and last Monday is now the fear and hatred have the voice of the highest office in our country. The orange troll we had so many laughs about will now control the military, appoint Supreme Court justices, undo so many rights, and a lengthy list of other possible atrocities. He is surrounded by bigots who will help him shape our country’s future. We deafen our ears to history to keep up the appearance of being kind or civil.


Voting for Trump did not make someone racist, misogynistic,  xenophobic, homophobic, <insert additional ists and obics here>. It just said they were okay with supporting someone who embraces those ideals. Good for them on finding a way to make peace with that, or rally around it. Whatever rationalization used cannot become America’s new mantra. People have fought and died on these streets of freedom just to bring us to where we are today. The America where a Black man is President and a woman won the popular vote. I don’t don’t when this America was greater, but I will not go back.

Bring the funk because I have a lot of fight.


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