Here My Roar

A call to action has been issued to those who oppose, contest and resist the current administration. The time to channel feelings of despair, fear, and outrage into productive advocacy is now. I am one pissed off nasty woman who will not be silenced by an orange internet troll and his lackeys.

What I will do is honor those who have sacrificed their lives for my freedom, as an American, to speak my mind, to protest, to be treated equally and fairly under the law. I will honor their defense of freedom in the disgusting face of tyranny and falsehoods. We the people are not an audience to manipulate or measure with ratings. We the people are a living embodiment of all the ugly beauty the world has to offer. We the people will not sit silently as the ghosts of regimes past creep into our lives.

The normalization of this anything-but-normal administration continues with a parade of charades. Wag the Dog; check. Kansas City Shuffle; check. Hey! What’s That Behind You; check. Spin and conquer. Deflect and divide. As I sit here conflicted about respecting the office of the president, I think about how dangerous absolute respect for an office can be and how history has shown a blind respect can lead to the rise of totalitarian governments.

Ignorance has been given the world’s most power loudspeaker, but the voice it carries is not mine. The voice is not that of the majority of the people in this country. It is the voice of hate, fear. It is a small voice that resides in a small man. There is nothing new about blaming others who do not look, worship, love, live the way you do. There is nothing new about fear mongering. There is nothing new about inflammatory language meant to divide the people. Those who are afraid to admit they have been conned, manipulated and used cling devoutly, blindly to the lies of shallow man.

No respect has been shown to great civil rights leaders, fallen heroes, or our precious democracy. Instead, walls are proposed, bans, and an attempt to gaslight an entire country, the world even, is being made. Sadly, none of this is new. None of this extraordinary. None of this is who we claim to be as Americans. It is history repeating itself, once again. It is history laughing at our naivety that atrocities of the past would never happen here in the United States. Except they have happened here all in the name of national security. “America First,” is just the beginning of an ugly populist wave whitewashing our country.

As a woman, I will not sit by as my rights are stripped away. As a mother, I will fight for the rights of my children. As an American, I will not let tyranny undo the sacrifices made by many so that I, and future generations, would have these freedoms. Build the wall; we will tear it down. Close our borders; we will find a way to open them to those in need. Attempt to silence, censor, and/or hide the truth; we will find it, share it, and expose what lurks behind the toupeed curtain.

Hear my ROAR